Home Automation

Given everything else you have to worry about, managing things like property access, security and temperature are just as important.

Take advantage of the Internet of things (IoT) and free yourself from having to manually monitor the state of your home.

screenshot-www.producthunt.com 2015-08-23 14-43-01


Intelligent Home Automation System

screenshot-www.producthunt.com 2015-08-23 14-47-17


Smart Home Software Solution For Short Term Rental Owners

screenshot-www.producthunt.com 2015-08-23 14-49-27

Lockitron Bolt:

Unlock Your Door With Your Phone

screenshot-www.producthunt.com 2015-08-23 14-51-19

Nest Protect:

Smoke Sensors & Security Features For Your Home

screenshot-www.producthunt.com 2015-08-23 14-52-12


Smart House Sitter

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 11.10.22 PM

Renting Lock:

Smart Lock For Your Airbnb

screenshot-www.producthunt.com 2015-08-23 15-00-47

Smart Things:

Easy & Affordable Home Automation


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